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Hello! If you’re here, then I assume we played Family Saga Bingo together at Lori Foster’s Reader Author Get Together. ?I hope you had fun! 

As promised, by signing up for my newsletter (be sure to do that down below!) you’ll get another free download today, then when the prequel to my new Vermont series is ready to go, you’ll also get that story! I’m shooting for mid-July for that to be completed—but life sometimes happens, so please don’t hold me to that, lol. (Plus, I have a lot of projects in the works at the moment, and everything takes up little pieces of my time!)

And in case you’re wondering about the new series, here’s a little info . . .

The Harts of Maple Ridge

After their parents died in their beloved inn, the Hart children couldn’t bring themselves to go back inside. For decades, the Maple Ridge Inn has sat boarded up, frozen in time. With three aunts arriving, ready to restore the family business, a new generation of Harts are inspired to revive the town their ancestors built. Heartache, love, secrets, and surprises are all in store in this emotional family saga series.

Get ready to travel to Maple Ridge, Vermont to meet your next favorite family!