Christmas With Her Fake Boyfriend

About the Book

She needs a date for her friend’s Christmas wedding. He has to go home—and won’t do it alone. But their fake relationship was never supposed to feel real.

Courtney and Sean share a common goal: survive the holiday season and get back to life as they know it. Courtney Maddux is a talented boudoir photographer and cherishes the life she’s built in Holly Creek. Her smothering mother, however . . . has other plans. The pressure to abandon her “unconventional” job and settle down to start a family weigh heavy on Courtney, as the last thing she wants is to disappoint her mom. But the wounds her mother carries serve as a cautionary tale, and opening herself to others is something Courtney simply can’t see risking.

Sean Wallace is only months into an unprecedented leap of faith. He walked away from a lucrative job, once secured with the help of his adoptive father, to become a partner in a struggling brewery. Living in a town reminiscent of his childhood, however, leaves him unable to ignore the memories always lurking in the back of his mind. And with those whispers now ever-present, the thought of returning solo for his parents’ vow renewal is out of the question.

Will Sean and Courtney’s pact to be each other’s plus-ones survive the holiday chaos? Or will the friendship forged from their shared scars convince them that opening their hearts might lead to a future never envisioned?



Christmas With Her Fake Boyfriend is part of the Betting On Christmas Collection

A big city billionaire with a bride from a small town. A high society New York City wedding with a momzilla being bossy boots. And a bridal party with one crazy bet.

Will the bridesmaids and groomsmen find their own dates to the wedding of the century this Christmas, or will they all fall victim to Momzilla’s decree?

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