Marry Me, Cowboy

About the Book

She’s doing it the way a Holly is supposed to. The right job, the right man, the right kind of wedding. Only, none of it suits Mary Catherine. Well, her fiancé suits her. Sort of. Brad is good for her, and they make a great team. She’s going to be the perfect surgeon’s wife. Oh, and they’ve been good friends since they were kids. That makes it even more right . . . right?

Yet something feels off.

Maybe it’s simply the over-the top wedding her stepmother has orchestrated.

But then Mary Catherine runs into Jax. The bad boy, hell-raising, hotter than a metal tailgate in the late-summer Texas sun cowboy. The guy she once broke all the rules for.



She once planned to marry Jax.

But in two weeks she’s going to marry Brad.

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Marry Me, Cowboy was previously published as part of the anthology Cowboys for Christmas. The story remains the same.