Montana Ever After . . . coming August 24th!

Montana Ever After . . .  coming soon from Kim Law.

When standing up for her friend means standing across the aisle from her ex, Jade doesn’t know whether to turn and run—or ask for a second chance.

Returning home for her best friend’s wedding, Jade Britton can’t say she’s surprised to find herself still attracted to her friend’s older brother. After all, he was the first man she’d fallen in love with. He was the only man she still had any real fondness for. Oh, and he was hot.

Seriously . . . hot. And he liked dogs. And kids. And he was oh-so-sweet.


He was basically all the things she wanted. Only, he was also all the things she had zero time for. Her career was finally on the cusp of soaring, and no way would she do anything to risk that.

But she would “do” Mason for old times’ sake—provided she could talk him into it.

Mason Crowder has been dreading Jade’s return since his sister announced her engagement. After all, he’s spent more years than he would ever admit pining over the woman, and that includes the two years they were together!

And dang it, he still wants her.

Not that he’s going to admit it. Nor will he stall his own life by waiting for her any longer. If Jade can’t see that he was the best thing to ever happen to her—and that with him, she could have both her career and a family—then he’s out. It’s time to finally move on. Find a woman who will settle down.

Only, he really, really wants the one who’ll be heading back to LA in less than two weeks.