The Harts of Maple Ridge

Hello and thank you for stopping by to check out The Harts of Maple Ridge!

Before you read further, I have something to admit . . . this page isn’t as ready to go as I’d planned. 


The original intent was to have fun details uploaded to give you a taste of my new small-town family drama series set in Vermont. Additionally, I planned to provide a preview of the book that will be releasing first. However, the last few weeks got away from me.

Due to unexpected travel and a couple of family situations, I decided it best to simply offer the option to request information the minute I’m ready to fully announce the series. That’s better, in my opinion, than me hurrying to upload something which isn’t quite what I had in mind. Because when I do announce this series—which I am so so so so so in love with—I want YOU to be in love with it too, even before you download the first book! So please, click the link below and request to be in the know for all things The Harts of Maple Ridge!