Contemporary romance only.

Need a little help? I’ve got you.

Whether you’re just starting a project, in the middle of a book and are stuck, or you have only a kernel of an idea, I love to talk story and I’m here to help. I’m especially great at delving deep into characters and what makes them tick. I thrive on pushing authors to uncover motivation. To create moments which will last in readers’ hearts forever.

I’m a huge plotter and hang all my own stories off the three-act structure, so if talking about your book is what you need, hit me up!

Brainstorming works best for me over Zoom. I schedule in one-hour increments, and we can schedule as many follow-up sessions as you would like. Payment is required up front, either by the hour or paid in chunks. (Money paid and unused will never be kept. I can either refund, minus Paypal fees, or leave a credit on your account.)

Cost: $50 for a one-hour session with no minimum number of hours required.

If 5 one-hour sessions are booked at the same time (to be scheduled for multiple days) a 10% discount will be provided.

NOTE: Brainstorming can also be an add-on to a Manuscript Assessment.

Manuscript Assessment

Contemporary romance only.

A manuscript assessment is for big-picture items. It’s kind of like a beta read, only with a professional’s eye and knowledge of story structure, character building, writing style, and pacing. It takes a look at the overall plot and provides an understanding of whether you’re hitting the reader as intended.

A manuscript assessment can be done on a partial or completed manuscript and is not a substitute for developmental edits. Comments might be provided within the manuscript pages to highlight specific areas mentioned in the provided editorial report, but in-line edits will not be added.

What you’ll receive?

Who needs a manuscript assessment?

Cost: $.0055 per word

Add-on: One-hour brainstorming session, to be scheduled after return of the editorial report – $45

NOTE: New/unknown clients must submit the opening 15 pages of the book before any agreement can be made for us to work together.

Heavy Developmental Editing

Contemporary romance only.

I provide two different levels of developmental editing. This option is a deep edit which addresses the book as a whole. It focuses on the overall execution of plot, structure, characters/character growth, internal and external conflicts, setting, plot holes or unresolved storylines, pacing, and tension. A heavy developmental edit may result in the author reworking a plot thread or character in its entirety, rewriting large portions of the manuscript, or possibly writing an entirely new draft after further developing a particular writing skill.  

What you’ll receive?

Who needs a developmental edit?

Cost: $.015 per word

NOTE: This is a detailed and thorough edit beneficial for those earlier in their writing career. It is meant to teach, encourage, and open the author to the understanding that though there may still be more to learn, there is definitely a path in which to get there.

Developmental Editing

I provide two different levels of developmental editing. This option is for a manuscript with some scene, plot, or character issues that as a whole is in great shape, with quality writing and storytelling execution. Editorial work will target tweaking, cutting, or reordering scenes, pages, and paragraphs with an eye on enhancing and streamlining the overarching plot and subplots. It will look for places to enhance the emotional impact, strengthen characters, zero in out plot holes and inconsistencies, and correct flow or pacing issues.

What you’ll receive?

Who needs a substantive edit?

Cost: $.0075 per word

Add-ons: One-hour zoom session to discuss feedback and/or brainstorm potential solutions – $45

Line Editing

A line edit targets improving paragraphs and sentences. The story is set. The characters are solid, and their growth throughout the pages will leave readers with hearts two sizes larger. The focus of this edit is on refining the book into the page turner the author dreams of it becoming. It’s making sure every word on the page is telling your story and moving it forward.

A line edit is where most of the detailed work happens. Line by line, I will go through your manuscript, looking at specifics such as:

A line edit does not address grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Those details are covered in copyedits or a proofread (which I do not offer). Some corrections of that level may be made in-line as I work through the story, but these items are not the focus of a line edit.

What you’ll receive?

Who needs a substantive edit?

Cost: $.0075 per word

ARC file creation

Because authors often wish to send out Advanced Reader Copies to review teams or bloggers before final copyediting or proofreading has been done, I’m available to convert my clients’ Word documents into eBooks strictly for use as ARCs. The eBooks will not be publication ready but will be suitable for sending to bloggers, review teams, friends, etc.

Cost: $40 for a single manuscript

Spot Checks

After providing line edits, I’m happy to spot check any changes made reviewing my suggestions. Doing spot checks provides a second set of eyes for potential mistakes and helps to ensure the manuscript remains consistent in quality and style.

For me to spot check, all requested changes must be made with Track Changes on. Any additional feedback I provide will be done mostly via comment bubbles.

Please note, it’s not uncommon for the manuscript to have two rounds of back-and-forth spot checking. I’m here for however many times you’d like me to take a look. Additionally, if you would prefer another full read instead of spot checking, we can discuss a rate for that.

Spot checking must be paid for before the changed manuscript is returned to me. Any number of hours can be purchased, and all unused money will either remain as a credit on your account or be refunded, minus Paypal fees, after the completion of the work.

Cost: $40 per hour, due upon request.

If 5 hours of spot checking is booked and paid for at the same time a 10% discount will be provided.

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