Two Turtle Island Doves

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Roni glanced at Kelly once more, a question in her eyes, and the back of his neck began to itch. What was on that piece of paper?

An uncomfortable feeling churned through his gut, though he couldn’t say why.

“Becky,” Roni began, shouting to be heard, mouth close to the microphone.

And the uncomfortable feeling suddenly had a name.

“Griffin,” she finished.

His ex.


Cheers erupted in front of him, while Kelly stood immobile onstage.

How had she known he would be there? They were over a thousand miles from where they both lived in Houston. It couldn’t be coincidence.

And with the timing, he was certain that it wasn’t.

His heart felt leaden in his chest. He couldn’t do this again. It was destroying him.

“What are the odds that our winner would have the same last name as our contestant?” Roni continued. She smiled, and waved his ex down the aisle as if she weren’t leading temptation right into the den.

The blond bob that he’d always loved on his wife—now his ex-wife—bounced with each step she took as she headed toward the stage. She didn’t look up as she made her way closer, and he reminded himself that he was there to win the contest. All he had to do was focus.

Smile. Be charming. Wow the crowd.

Not sleep with his ex-wife. Again.

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