Caught on Camera is currently FREE!!

Have you read my Davenport books yet? If not, now is the time to get started because book one in that series is currently free! Find links to download here.




Caught on Camera

JP has the world at his fingertips: the public loves him and the governor is poised to appoint him to the Senate. But will the enigmatic Vega destroy his political potential before it can even get started? Or will the secrets that begin to unravel within his family do that instead?

Caught in the Act

Catherine vows to take a vacation from her drama-filled family, and when she arrives in the small Maine town, she’s surprised to find none other than her first love. Falling back into the arms of Brody ensures her vacation becomes her salvation, but will their relationship survive when being together uncovers the biggest Davenport scandal yet?

Caught off Guard

Bennett retires from the Army and has his pick of jobs in the DC area. But first he needs two things: a night of fun with his long-time friend and super sexy booty call Aubrey, and a much-needed conversation with his mother about one family secret in particular. When his mother’s life is threatened, however, it’s Aubrey who rushes to his side. But can he trust that she’s truly there for him…or is she looking to end the dynasty of the Davenports for good?