Genres I Work On

I would love to say I can do all things for all people, but that simply isn’t true. So let’s be honest. I can do one genre really well. I can do a few others decently. And some genres . . . well, I know my strengths. We’ll save those books for another editor.

Here’s what I CAN do well:

NOTE REGARDING CHRISTIAN, AMISH, AND EROTIC CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE: While I’m more than happy to take on a Christian, Amish, or Erotic Romance project for line editing, I do not know enough about reader expectations in those genres to feel confident taking on a more detailed edit. That said, if you’re a seasoned author and looking only for help tightening your work, I’ll gladly work on your project.

To be clear, an edit on a contemporary Christian, Amish, or Erotic romance manuscript would be done with the understanding there would be zero expectations of my providing feedback on plot, structure, or any assumed guidelines of the forementioned subgenres.


While I do occasionally read and enjoy darker contemporary romances, I’m also aware that providing feedback on detailed plot/structure/reader expectations in this genre is not in my wheelhouse. If you have a darker contemporary romance and would like to discuss the project, you’re welcome to reach out.

Here’s what I can do decently:

For these genres, I’m happy to do developmental or line editing.

Genres I would consider on a project-by-project basis:

Here’s what I have no business touching with a ten-foot pole:

I reserve the right to decline any project. Once work and a timeline is agreed upon, however, work will be provided (barring unforeseen circumstances).

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