Editing for Self-Publishing Romance Authors

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Are you looking for some help with your romance fiction book? Maybe you could use a bit of brainstorming to get to the finish line? Or you’re already there but something seems off?

Possibly you simply want another set of eyes to help polish and tighten your story to a bright shine?

If your response to any of the above is a head nod or a resounding “Yes!” then hit me up!

Hi. ? I’m Kim.

I’m an author myself, having published over twenty contemporary romances, both with a traditional publisher and as an indie author. I love writing, and I’ve come to the realization there’s one aspect of storytelling where I’m particularly passionate. Analyzing the story. Seeing what is and what is not working.

Whether it’s ripping apart and rebuilding a story from the ground up, finding places to layer in just the right details, molding “meh” characters into fully fleshed-out, living breathing 3D “human beings,” or finetuning the emotional wallops every reader deserves to have grab hold of them as they turn the pages of our books . . . That is my jam. And since I’m constantly looking to feed my need-to-analyze-a-story addiction?

I would adore the opportunity to work with you on your book.

I provide face-to-face brainstorming sessions, manuscript assessments, and three levels of editing.

I promise to work hard to help you produce your best book, and I make every effort to return projects in a timely manner. So, if you’re looking for a fresh take on a new manuscript, you’re only a few clicks away from starting what I hope will be a lovely and lasting new relationship! ?

Genres I Work On · Services · Submission Process · Rush Jobs · Payments · Timeline