Caught off Guard

About the Book

Aubrey Kaye, rising-star chief investigative journalist, has never envisioned a future that isn’t 100% about her career. No husband, no kids . . . just friends. Especially, her longtime friends-with-benefit, Bennett. But sometimes, plans change. Sometimes life takes a detour which leaves a person yearning for the exact opposite of everything she’s ever imagined. Currently, that detour involves her. She’s engaged. Or, she will be once she breaks the news to Bennett. And then all she has to do is figure out how to actually live the rest of her life without her best friend being a part of it.

Bennett Davenport wants one thing following his retirement from the Army. A really good time with his super sexy friend Aubrey Kaye. Then he has to deal with his family. Or, more specifically, the time has come to confront his power-hungry mother about a certain secret which involves him that she’s been holding onto for nearly four decades. A secret that, if the public were to be made aware, would put the previous year’s family scandals to shame. But first . . .

Aubrey is engaged?


And why?

Aubrey recently won a huge award. She got promoted! And now she’s going to marry, have kids, and give up her career?

No way. Something smells rotten in DC.

Before Bennett can get the answers to put Aubrey in his rearview, however, his mother’s life is threatened. And it’s Aubrey who rushes to his side. But what he can’t figure out is if she’s there as a friend. If she’s there hoping to be more . . .

Or has she come to his aid only with the intent of scoring one last scoop before hanging up her press credentials for good?

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